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Neil Oliver who is a patron of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers has released the following statement:- “As a lifelong fan of our unique lighthouse heritage, I wholeheartedly support the keep the stripes campaign - best of luck to all concerned. Here's hoping for a happy ending.”

Quote sent from John Craven "The Beachy Head stripes have become part of our coastal heritage. They may no longer serve a practical purpose but to many people they are a dramatic symbol, reminding us how vital lighthouses will always be. The campaign to save them has my full support."

Quote sent from Bill Bryson "Beachy Head Lighthouse is one of the most uplifting sights anywhere along the English coastline -- indeed, along any coastline -- and those jaunty red stripes are what make it literally outstanding. It would be a tragedy to lose them"

Quote from Eddie Izzard "The Beachy Head lighthouse must keep it's red & white stripes! It is essential as it is an icon for Britain. Without it's distinctive stripes, the Spitfires and Lancasters would not have had such a great visual landmark to guide themselves back home in World War II & we owe it to them to keep their memory alive and the spirit of fighting injustice everywhere."

Quote from Griff Rhys Jones "This is a significant part of our heritage - a monument to our seafaring history and most of all a pretty thing. It is the seaside. I bet you meant to help. They're nearly there so go on, do it! Be a beacon."

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